AppStore Purchase Verification———— Verify damage with JWT PHP 2023 Part 1

Corroborate in- app purchase damage using JWT and PHP 2023

Corroborate Store App Purchases

If you are then, you may be having trouble vindicating your in- app purchases. I went through this history but had a lot of trouble chancing the right resultThen is a simple and easy result to check your Apple in- app purchases.

JWT Library Setup Install the Firebase

JWT library forPHP.To install through musicianrun the following command from your design directory

To set up a JWT commemorative, you need 1.KEY_ID, 2.ISSUER_ID, 3.PRIVATE_KEY p8 lines.

Follow these way to get theKEY_ID,ISSUER_ID, and P8 KEY to authenticate with the Apple App Store Connect API and induce a JSON Web Token( JWT).140159451409424 140159451409424 140159451409424 140159451409424 1. Subscribe in to App Store Connect. Go to https// and sign in using your Apple inventor account credentials.

2Go to stoner and Access. On the main menuclick druggies and Access.

3. produce an API key.A. Click the Keys tab in the left sidebar.
b) Click the”” button to induce a new API key.
Enter a username and elect” instruments, Credentials and Profile Access”.d. Click induce to induce the key.

4. Download p8 key.
everyoneAfter you’ve created an API key, you will be taken to a runner that displays your new API crucial information.
b) Click the Download crucial button to download the p8 crucial train. This train contains your private key, so it’s important to keep it safe.

5. GetKEY_ID andISSUER_ID. A. The API crucial information runner displaysKEY_ID, which is a unique identifier for your API key.
b) TheISSUER_ID is the 10- number Apple inventor Team ID. You can find this ID in the Subscription section of your Apple inventor Account.

Keep your k8 p8 safedo not partake it intimatelydo not submit it to any lawrepositories.When you make an app, produce a JWT usingKEY_ID,ISSUER_ID, and the p8 crucial train to authenticate using the App Store Connect API.

Q Where can I download the”BUNDLE_ID App”?

To find your Bundle ID in the Affiliate Store

1subscribe in to your Apple inventor account at https//

2Click My Apps at the top left wing of the main panel.

3. A list of all programs will bedisplayed.Click on the program for which you want to find the package ID.

4. Once you’re on the operation details runnerclick on the operation Information tab in the top navigation menu.

5. Scroll down the runner and you’ll find the” General Information”section.The first item in this section is” Group ID”.

pack ID is a unique identifier for your app that’s used to uniquely identify your app in the Apple App Store and other Apple services. This is generally in the format“com.yourappname”.

Get sale information

Also call PHP Coil for information.

After making an in- app purchaserecoup your damage data from the App Store. Damage data is generally Base64 decoded.

In the coming composition, we will learn how to crack the entered data using the JWT library.

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